CodeChickenCore 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is a utility mod, also consiered as the base common code for all chickenbones mods. It isn’t really a mod, it’s more like a custom modloader and manager for all the modifications from the same author. This is just an API, and a library of classes that You need to install if you are going to install any mod from this author. Think of it like a key that makes all of his other additional content work and that should simplify things.


Additionally, CodeChickenCore is useful to those writing script in Java and making mods of their own. This release, created on 2014 by chicken_bones, is extremely popular and downloaded a lot by the players. However if you’re more of a casual modder who just likes to install random mods and see how they affect your Minecraft gameplay, then the CodeChickenCore mod probably isn’t for you.

Update Logs:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.11.
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.11.


  1. This is a clickbait they try to make u wait to download it but it doesn’t work which is strange because I know this site to usually be trustworthy


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