The real gist when it comes to Minecraft Better Vanilla resource pack 1.12.2 16x is that the player is given the ability to use the different textures from other authors! Of course, it is with their permission. With the usage of the different textures and styles, you get to turn your ordinary Minecraft experience into something really amazing and immersive. This will definitely revamp the default textures provided by Minecraft and give it an overall improvement when it comes to aesthetics.

It’ll definitely be more vibrant and much smoother, and you can achieve all of these without having to stray too far from the usual feel of Minecraft.

better vanilla resource pack

Here are some of the features you should look out for in Better Vanilla resource pack:

  • The amazing atmospheric clouds and skies accompanied with atmospheric sounds
  • A much better sunrise and sunset when it comes to visual
  • A smoother granite, andesite, and diorite
  • Much improved Nether blocks
  • A very amazing animated redstone
  • Perfect mycelium textures, podzol, and amazing alternate grass
  • Better and improved natural crops
  • A more realistic and vibrant grass
  • A lighter water
  • Achieving a different sky for different biomes

Luckily, this Better Vanilla resource pack 1.12.2 is light, simple, and so much fun. It will definitely give your overall gaming experience such an edge that is clearly seen in the whole improvement of both styles and textures.

Furthermore, here are some things to keep in mind: there are a total of 32 mods, and it is highly advisable to have about 3 to 4 Gb of RAM.

better vanilla resource pack

Here is a list of all the mods:

  • Mod Aroma1997Core from author Aroma1997
  • Mod AromaBackup from author Aroma1997
  • Mod Actually Additions from author Ellpeck
  • Mod Extra Utilities from author RWTema
  • Mod What Are We Looking At (WAWLA) from author darkh4x
  • Mod Mouse Tweaks from author YaLTeR97
  • Mod AutoRegLib from author Vazkii
  • Mod Chameleon from author jaquadro
  • Mod Biomes O’ Plenty from author Glitchfiend
  • Mod Chisel from author tterrag1098
  • Mod Chisels and Bits from author AlgorithmX2
  • Mod BetterFps from author Guichaguri
  • Mod Just Enough Items (JEI) from author mezz
  • Mod Resource Loader from author lumien231
  • Mod Dark Utilities from author darkh4x
  • Mod StorageDrawers from author jaquadro
  • Mod Vanilla Automation from author universaI
  • Mod Better Builder’s Wands from author Portablejim
  • Mod Iron Chests from author progwml6
  • Mod Just Enough Resources (JER) from author Way2muchnoise
  • Mod ShetiPhianCore from author ShetiPhian
  • Mod CompatLayer from author McJty
  • Mod MultiStorage from author ShetiPhian
  • Mod Custom Main Menu from author lumien231
  • Mod Ore Excavation from author Funwayguy
  • Mod JourneyMap from author techbrew
  • Mod LimeLib from author MrRiegel
  • Mod Furnus from author MrRiegel
  • Mod Bookshelf from author darkh4x
  • Mod Hwyla from author TehNut
  • Mod Pam’s HarvestCraft from author MatrexsVigil
  • Mod Quark from author Vazkii
  • Mod Refined Storage from author raoulvdberge
  • Mod Inventory Tweaks from author Kobata
  • Mod SimpleHarvest from author TehNut
  • Mod Extra Bit Manipulation from author MolecularPhylo

Future Updates: What to Expect

Gamers have felt like Minecraft vanilla is missing something. Some experienced having to choose an incorrect block because they weren’t able to see the details of the block. Future updates of Better Vanilla resource pack will comprise of uploading a wide range of styles and textures from new authors in order for players to experience the brilliance of others.

better vanilla resource pack


Better Vanilla resource pack is perfect for those who want to explore the different textures by different authors. Just remember that permission is key. Better Vanilla truly gives off that overall improvement when it comes to visual representation, all thanks to the different styles and textures.

better vanilla resource pack



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