The AutoPackager Mod is a simple mod that implements only one new block. However, this single block is a highly useful one to have in the game. This block is called the AutoPackager and basically does what its name implies. If you have ever tried crafting items in Minecraft, then you know that despite how important and enjoyable this task is, it can get quite tedious. There will be times when you need to craft multiple units of the item and doing each one manually can feel like a waste of time and tiresome. And this is where AutoPackager Mod comes in.

AutoPackager ModAutoPackager Mod 1.11 brings to the game the AutoPackager block which automatically crafts items for you. It does this on a default 2×2 which adjusts to a 3×3 if needed. With this block, you no longer need to manually search and add items from the inventory as the mod already takes care of this for you. Crafting this new block is also fairly easy. The recipe requires pistons, a crafting table, Redstone, and Iron Ingot. Once you have the block, just make sure to put it in between two storage blocks. AutoPackager uses resources placed in the left storage block and stores them in the right storage block.

AutoPackager Mod

The AutoPackager block implemented by the mod needs about 1000 Redstone Flux or RF for each of its cycle so you will need to make sure you have sufficient energy stored to power it up. So, if you are looking for a more efficient way to complete your crafting needs, then AutoPackager Mod is one that you may want to check out. Some versions of the mod will need Thermal Expansion 4 to run properly along with the forge. Make sure you check if the version you are downloading needs this for the build.


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