Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.13.1 and 1.13 is a popular download in the Minecraft Mods category.

Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.13 Overview

The Minecraft world has all kinds of dangerous terrains, from scorching hot desserts to gigantic green plateaus and from vast mountains to cavernous trenches. When you are in the Minecraft world, you should be careful enough to avoid fatality. Those players who only like to stay close to their house together with their pets would not have to worry about the danger. However, those who love to go on adventures may encounter different dangerous challenges. With this, you may find the Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.12.2 handy for your use.

advance hook launchers

With that said, adventurous players would definitely want to do many things in the Minecraft world, like moving freely over different terrains and obstacles quickly and effortlessly. However, they cannot do these things because they are not equipped enough to do so. That is why different mods were released to help the players with these kinds of problems in the Minecraft world just like the Advanced Hook Launchers Mod that has a special and unique feature that every Minecraft players should check out.

The Advanced Hook Launchers Mod is a Minecraft mod that players will definitely love using. This is because it can add many kinds of functionality and complexity to the gameplay of Minecraft. If you are a Minecraft player that has played the game for a few years now, then you have probably noticed that the core mechanics of the game are a bit dull. Some players feel that the game could use some added extra features to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

This Advanced Hook Launchers Mod will add a few extra items that would be great to use in the Minecraft world. The items will allow the players to do extraordinary things as they travel around the world of Minecraft.

advance hook launchers

For those who are having problems with crossing over terrains and overcoming obstacles, this mod is perfect for them. This mod will equip Minecraft players with different hooks that have varying features and uses. Those hooks can help players to quickly move from one place to another. It can also help them pull items and mobs toward their direction.


The Advanced Hook Launchers Mod has three different hook launchers that can be used in the Minecraft game, and each of those hooks has their own particular purpose. If the players want to travel through the skies through zip lines and go through several cliffs, then they should use the web hook. While the spear hook should be used by players who would like to climb on top of huge structures effortlessly in an instant. And there is the pudge hook that should be used by players who want to stand their territory. It can also be used to hook other entities or the mobs directly toward the player’s position.

Advanced Hook Launchers Mod

Those three mentioned hooks are highly powerful, and when you can master the individual functions of those hooks, then you can achieve many absurd things in the Minecraft world.

Aside from those advantages, the major advantage of this mod is that it can allow players to overcome challenging and risky obstacles and terrains. With that mentioned, it can definitely help players to save their time and efforts in doing those kinds of things in the game.

advance hook launchers

However, players may find it quite difficult to use the Advanced Hook Launchers Mod. In order for the players to use the hook launchers, they have to know how to control it properly. They should start with holding the hook. After they have successfully equipped it in their hand, the players should click the left mouse button for the hook to be launched.

Future Updates

The developers are yet to announce further updates regarding this mod, so Minecrafters can stay in tuned for this!


The basics in this Advanced Launcher Mod may be simple, but players need some time before they get used to it. It would also take some time before they can master using all those three available hooks.

advance hook launchers

In general, this is a must-have mod to avoid the death of your character in the Minecraft world. It is perfect for every situation and could be the best travel companion ever.

Advanced Hook Launchers Mod Installation Guide

You can easily install Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.13.1 and 1.13 using its automatic installation tool. Just click on the download link below and start installing Advanced Hook Launchers Mod for Minecraft 1.13.


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