There are two ways you can play Minecraft. The first one is when you make your own world in Minecraft, playing it in whichever way you want. The second one is when you duel with other Minecraft players.  If you are one of those who belong to the second category, then you are going to love Advanced Combat mod 1.12.2.

Advanced Combat Mod

Combat in vanilla Minecraft is already good enough as it is, but Advanced Combat mod just made it even better. If you think about it, this mod didn’t really add anything new to the combat mode. What it simply did was supply the game with more options.

The fun thing about Minecraft combat is not only about winning duels. It is also about trying out new items. This is a luxury the vanilla Minecraft doesn’t have. Luckily, this new invention rolled out and changed the world of Minecraft as we know it. Advanced Combat mod is perfect for players who are fond of taking part in duels to see whom the best Minecraft player is.

One of its best features is the large array of swords to choose from. In vanilla Minecraft, there is already a certain number of swords, but that is nothing compared to the variety of swords in Advanced Combat mod.

What’s exciting is that no two swords are exactl

y the same. Once you start playing with this mod, you won’t be able to stop so easily. That is how addicting it is. There is no doubt that as soon as you try one sword, you will be seduced to trying out all the swords. Each sword has at least one unique feature that will get adrenaline running through your veins.

That’s not the only thing that is exciting about the Advanced Combat mod. Apart from the cool sword collection, there

is also the enchantment system. You can enchant your sword choosing from various kinds of enchantments.

Even if you have already used up all the swords from the inventory, more excitement still awaits as you unlock other enchantments that you can use to spice up your chances of beating your opponent.

Advanced Combat Mod

In order to unlock the enchantments, you need to go from tier to tier. Take note that enchantments taken from high tiers provide bigger bonuses.

If you are dueling with players, then looking for enchantments in tiers is worth investing your time into since they boost the power of players in combat.

Advanced Combat Specifications

  • Provides tooltips for damageable items
  • Features the advanced bow, which shoots arrows much harder and faster compared to the vanilla version
  • Features the advanced shield, which has a better protection capacity than the vanilla version
  • Different types of armors each having their own uniqu
    e quirks and abilities
  • Features a tracking dispenser that automatically shoots anyone that is near it
  • Features a creative sword that has the ability to disintegrate anyone so long as the player is in creative mode
  • Player being given the freedom to create his own sword by mixing different items

Future Updates

There is no word about whether when is or if there is even going to be a future update. As of this moment, the mod is already free from bugs, which was gotten from the previous versions. The mod is already clean as of now, but if new bugs come, then that would probably be the time when the creator would do a new update.


Advanced Combat mod is a must-have if you are the type of Minecraft player who likes to get with it with other players.  This mod will give you a new array of swords and items that will better qualify you as the best player in Minecraft.

Advanced Combat Mod



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