3Default Resource Pack 1.12.2 is a real-life saver when it comes to the increasing number of 3D resource packs coming out for Minecraft that require more powerful computers to enable them to run. According to its maker TheDoctorLink, he wanted to give players the possibility of finally getting a smoother experience with a 3D resource pack to use with slow computers.’ Thus, 3Default Resource Pack was born.

Playing Minecraft in 3D can be a little heavy on your computer and if your rig is not powerful enough, you might experience some lag issues or frame issues. These are what this resource pack eliminates with its computer friendly 3D graphics and 16×16 resolutions.

From weapons to tools to even the smallest of things, 3Default is guaranteed to enhance your 3d gaming experience in Minecraft. Let’s dig deeper into what’s in this resource pack.

3D Appearance

3Default Resource Pack

Exploring the world with the 3Default Resource Pack activated is like wearing magic glasses that make everything sharper and more vivid. It keeps the same texture of the classic Vanilla Minecraft while making everything look whole. The color palette used is also radiant and complementary. We can say that 3Default gives you a touch of both the old and the new.

The details of tools and weapons are made sharper and fuller. Even simple things like doors and leaves have a look of spectacularly high quality.

3D Models

3Default Resource Pack provides an exciting variety of 3D models. It adds all the necessary details on items to make them look more pleasing. Your favorite weapons will look brand new. The tools you are used to are remodeled to satisfaction.

Here’s the list of some current 3D models in the resource pack.


– Crafting tables
– All the different doors
– Wood and iron trapdoors
– Furnaces
– Noteblocks and jukeboxes
– Cakes
– Iron bars
– Ladders
– Pumpkins and Jack o’ Lanterns
– Sugar canes
– Lily pads
– Beds


– All the swords and tools
– Shields (only changes the way you’re holding it)
– Sticks
– Books (all the different types)
– Feathers
– Bowls, mushroom stew and beetroot soups
– Apples, both normal and golden ones
– Bread
– Fishes (all except the puffer fish)
– Cake
– Bones
– All the different doors
– Wood and iron trapdoors
– Sugar Canes
– Ladders

3Default’s Future

3Default Resource Pack

3Default Resource Pack works fine with updated Minecraft versions up to 1.12.2. Even so, TheDoctorLink expressed his intention to make it compatible with older versions of Minecraft. He has said that he wants players who are still on Minecraft 1.8 or those whose PCs cannot update to the newer versions to still be able to enjoy playing in 3D.

There are also a few things that we can expect to see on the future updates like the following:


– Vines
– Bookshelves
– Flower pots
– Vegetation (saplings, flowers, tall grass…)


– Beds
– Fishing rods
– Bows
– Arrows
– Snowballs and other spherical things
– Normal chicken eggs
– Item frames, signs and paintings
– Flower pots
– Puffer Fish


3Default Resource Pack

Now that 3Default Resource Pack is here, the days when you need to sacrifice your gaming experience for better graphics are gone. You can now enjoy smooth playing while exploring the world in three dimensions.

This resource pack has a very responsive developer who welcomes feedback and suggestions. So, you can have peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you can rely on someone to create updates at everyone’s convenience. With that out of the way, you can now just play to your heart’s content.


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