Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13/1.12.2/1.11.2 Download


What is Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack 1.12.2?

Everyone has heard of the Rangercraft series. It would seem like there’s a Rangercraft resource pack 1.12.2 for just about any season. It’s pretty obvious from the name that Rangercraft Autumn resource pack is wounded up for the autumn season.

When you play Minecraft, you are automatically taken to a digital platform that consists of grasses, trees, and wild creatures. In other words, Minecraft is situated in a wildlife setting. You’re about to get more of that green world as you get into the Rangercraft Autumn resource pack, except, instead of the leaves being green, they are gray, due to the autumn season.

Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack

If you’re a nature lover, then you are going to love this resource pack. It is jam-packed with all the nature elements, from grasses and trees to little flowers.

This resource pack supports only a resolution of ×16, but that is exactly what makes it impressive. Despite the low resolution, it never fails to provide you with the high-quality textures.

The creator could have featured a higher-quality resolution, but the reason he didn’t was the fact that high-resolution games usually have a problem with noise. Since the game is too detailed, it can cause unwanted noise. However, despite the low resolution, you can see that the game is just as detailed as most games you will ever play.

As you can see, the Minecraft color palette is a lot lighter than this one, but this is actually a good thing since autumn work of arts looks better with dark palettes.

Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack

They say that trees and flowers are what give life to the world. Despite being just a game, can you imagine having the energy to play Minecraft if the game feels lifeless? Of course you can’t. That is exactly what this resource pack is for.

Resource Pack Specifications

You will find everything green in the Rangercraft Autumn resource pack. Prepare to see your setting change from plain old Minecraft to a green environment.

Basically, the Rangercraft resource pack only supports a standard resolution of ×16, but that is only because the creator wanted to free users from the holds of having a pack with noisy resolutions. When a resource pack has too much resolution, the result is often noisy. As a solution, the creator opted to go for a lower resolution but by being careful not to degrade the quality. Despite the low resolution, it is still jam-packed with detail.

Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack

Future Updates

There is no announcement about any updates as of this moment. However, the Rangercraft Autumn resource pack is still in its development stage and is yet to be completed. Rest assured more updates will come your way as soon as the project is finished.


As it is, Minecraft is already an exciting and enjoyable videogame, but sooner or later, it will finally sink in that you want something more.

Minecraft is not like other games you have ever played. Minecraft doesn’t have its own gameplay. You have to create your own gameplay all on your own. So, in the long run, seeing the same setting over and over again can be a bit boring.

Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack

How to Install this Resource Pack?

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD Mod.
  2. In Minecraft, go to options, and click the "Resource Packs" button. Then click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  3. Place Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack into this resourcepacks folder.

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