Precisely Portal Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13/1.12.2/1.11.2 Download


What is Precisely Portal Resource Pack 1.12.2?

Precisely Portal Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is one of Minecraft’s wise developments, especially if the gamer also plays the Portal series of games. The texture of Precisely Portal is different from the normal textures of Minecraft. For Portal fans, they would appreciate Minecraft’s effort in creating modifications to copy almost the entire setting of Portal. In addition, Portal lovers must not forget that Minecraft did a great job by complementing the resource pack with a mod related to Portal, or also known as the Portal Gun mod. Nevertheless, players can still maximize the resource pack’s features even if they choose using other mods.

Precisely Portal Resource Pack

Precisely Portal Resource Pack is the sequel of the original Portal texture pack, which was developed many years ago. The development of this resource pack has passed through different hands and minds of people. The process of finding the right tweaks and tricks to this resource pack happened after a series of trial and error. Through the years of discovery, Minecraft has finally designed the suitable map for its Portal theme. Hits and misses provided lessons for game developers to craft the perfect textures, correct blend of low-toned colors, relevant details of items, and overall settings without compromising style. In short, the resource pack’s physical appearance comes out naturally and smoothly like Portal.

Precisely Portal Resource Pack

The person who led the development of the Precisely Portal Resource Pack has a username of carlotta4th. However, the developer suffered hand injuries, which limits the ongoing and regular updating of the pack. Currently, she completed 80% of the updates and bug fixes of the resource pack. Regardless of the developer’s condition, players who patronize Precisely Portal rarely experience game glitches. The game can still run smoothly. Overall, Precisely Portal Resource Pack is suitable for Minecraft gamers who wants to spice up their experience with a little bit of action. With a mixed experience of Minecraft and Portal, Precisely Portal will not easily disappear and will be able to maintain and even increase its player population.

How to Install this Resource Pack?

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD Mod.
  2. In Minecraft, go to options, and click the "Resource Packs" button. Then click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  3. Place Precisely Portal Resource Pack into this resourcepacks folder.

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