No Mouse Parkour Map for Minecraft 1.13/1.12.2/1.11.2 Download


What is No Mouse Parkour Map 1.12.2?

No Mouse Parkour Map is one of the most challenging and exciting parkour adventure maps available. And like its name suggests, going through this map will be a bit more difficult as you will not be able to use your mouse to control your character. Moving about the different stages and courses will all have to be done through the keyboard by utilizing the WASD keys. If you are new to parkour in Minecraft, then this might not be the best map to start off with. But if you are a seasoned Minecraft parkour player, then you are certainly going to enjoy the challenges this map delivers.

No Mouse Parkour Map

No Mouse Parkour Map

No Mouse Parkour Map 1.11 offers 10 different stages. Each of these stages has its own unique theme. This prevents the courses from being easy to predict and boring. What the mod does is improve the in-game play which is hard to come by with parkour maps in Minecraft. It has exciting concepts that introduce a whole new level of adventure. With the combination of restricted mouse use and original themes, you can certainly expect to have hours of gameplay with this adventure map. It brings back what parkour is really all about, a sport of skill.

No Mouse Parkour Map

No Mouse Parkour Map

The map offers a lot of different elements that make the parkour courses even more challenging. Navigate through cactus, ladders, head hitters and elyta and get the adrenalin pumping as your character successfully gets through each obstacle. One thing to note about this impressive adventure map is that you will need to have a PC with above average specs. With over 200 block commands, operating it on a low-end PC may result in a few frame rate issues that will certainly have a huge impact on your game. But with the right equipment, you will be able to enjoy the map with no problem at all.

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