Minecraft PC Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.1/1.12


Minecraft PC Resource Pack 1.12.1/1.12 may not be one of the most popular resource packs for the sandbox video game Minecraft, but it is still one of the great choices available for gamers. It is ideal for Minecraft players that like using the simple and more straightforward PvP resource pack which can be used with Minecraft 1.8. Most of the newly created PvP-focused Minecraft resource packs are specially made solely for use in the newer versions of the game such as for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.12.1/1.12. For this reason, a lot of Minecraft players that haven’t updated their Minecraft client seems to be at a disadvantage.

Minecraft PC Resource PackMinecraft PC Resource Pack

Thankfully, the Minecraft PC Resource Pack 1.12.1/1.12 was created to be the primary answer to that problem. It is in line with the top-notch resource packs for your Minecraft game. The Minecraft PC Resource Pack can provide excellent levels of visuals as well as a few significant performance upgrades to make the old PvP experience more fun and enjoyable. While most of the textures in the Minecraft PC Resource Pack looks similar to that of the textures found in the Vanilla game, it has a few significant upgrades. One of these includes decreased noise on the textures, which makes them more appealing to look at. It also has a brighter color palette compared that of the Vanilla Minecraft.

Minecraft PC Resource Pack

All things considered, the Minecraft PC Resource Pack provides an even better visual for your Minecraft world compared to the Vanilla Minecraft. The resource pack also comes with a 32 x 32 resolution, which is a significant increase from the standard 16 x 16 resolution of most packs for Minecraft. It is high enough to provide better visuals to your game but still just enough to give you no trouble when running the resource pack on most computer systems. Even using the Minecraft PC Resource Pack on a computer with low-end hardware guarantees a stable frame rate.

How To Install Minecraft PC Resource Pack 1.12.1

Minecraft PC Resource Pack 1.12 is easy to install. This short tutorial will explain you how to install this resource pack in your Minecraft installation. This install guide should work with all existing versions of the game. Download links for this pack can be find below.

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD.
  2. Download the texture pack/resource pack on this page.
  3. Start Minecraft and go to options.
  4. Click the "Resource Packs" button.
  5. Click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  6. Place the texture .zip file in this folder.
  7. When you launch Minecraft and click the resource packs button you should now see the pack is installed.

If you need help, please leave a comment below! We can help you if you are still having problems getting the file to work. Other users can help you too!

Download Minecraft PC Resource Pack