MarvelousCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13/1.12.2/1.11.2 Download


What is MarvelousCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2?

MarvelousCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2, as the name implies, is created and designed to make your Minecraft worlds look marvelous. This resource pack is very well executed and it also comes with a vast array of features that sets it apart from most resource packs in the same category. This resource craft is high quality, and the MarvelousCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is also not shy when it comes to straying from the look and style of vanilla Minecraft. It is specially designed to pull off some very attractive visuals that can help make the game look so much different than what players are used to. For gamers that are looking for a resource pack for Minecraft that is well-built as well as a solid resource pack that has a wide variety of features, the MarvelousCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is an excellent choice.

MarvelousCraft Resource Pack

One of the significant features this resource pack can provide your game is the ability to make proper use of the connected textures that can give a very immersive experience to Minecraft players. Once the pack is installed, the very first thing you will notice is the use of the CTM (Complete the Monument) that is scattered all around the entirety of the game. These textures can synergize nicely with the theme and art style the resource pack is designed with. The MarvelousCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is also almost complete. Every single one of its texture has already been modified and updated, except for the Ender dragon texture, so its full potential can be experienced in the game.

MarvelousCraft Resource Pack

Aside from the well-executed and solid features the MarvelousCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 offers, it also provides custom animations scattered all throughout the game which you can see a lot of times. Among its significant textures are the animal and mob textures that have been randomized to make them look distinct and not repetitive to give players a new experience each time they play Minecraft. It also includes a few new blocks as well as new sounds for the game.

How to Install this Resource Pack?

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD Mod.
  2. In Minecraft, go to options, and click the "Resource Packs" button. Then click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  3. Place MarvelousCraft Resource Pack into this resourcepacks folder.

Download Links

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  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way.
  • If you have any problem, please leave a comment below and we will help you.


  1. Like every one I’ve tried so far, the MarvelousCraft download is pre-1.12, and is listed for 1.11.2. Please check that there are actually 1.12 downloads before touting 1.12 compatibility.


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