Gahlifrex’s Void Map for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.11/1.10.2


Gahlifrex’s Void Map is a single player 1.11.2 Adventure Map designed for Minecraft. While it doesn’t come loaded with tons of features, it is one that remains popular with its unique appeal. Other adventure maps designed for the game often come with creative plots and intriguing quests. Gahlifrex’s void map offers a straightforward adventure that appeal to a lot of Minecraft players. So despite the lack of storyline within Gahlifrex, you’ll find that it’s an adventure worth taking. The only downside to it is that since it’s designed for single player use, you won’t be able to enjoy it with a friend.

Gahlifrex’s Void Map

Gahlifrex’s Void Map

In this adventure, you enter a void where you meet Farlaender. He is a skilled magic user who will train you. Farlaender will help you learn magical abilities that you will use while still in the void. You’ll encounter obstacles that you will only be able to overcome with your new abilities. Unlike other maps, there is no specific plot for the challenges you will be facing. But despite this, you’ll find yourself wanting to play the adventure over and over again. Gahlifrex’s Void map delivers intriguing and engaging obstacles that make it more enjoyable than other maps.

Gahlifrex’s Void Map

Gahlifrex’s Void Map

Depending on how skilled you are at the game, you can finish the adventure in minutes. This is one of the reasons this map has become quite popular. You can complete the short adventure and be on your way to other in game actions. Installing it is also fairly easy. Once you download the map, you simply run the installer and unzip the file it creates. All you’ll need to do then is transfer your world file into the Minecraft Folder.  With that done, you are all set to enter the void and begin your magical adventure with Farlaender.

Gahlifrex’s Void Map 1.11.2 Install Guide

This guide will explain how to install Gahlifrex’s Void Map in Minecraft 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.10.2 and other versions. This is a short installation tutorial and it should not take you more than five minutes to install the downloaded file.

For Windows Users

  1. Press the Windows or Start button, then press R. This will open the Run prompt.
  2. Type %appdata% into the prompt and run the command.
  3. A folder filled with other folders will now open. Just find the Minecraft folder among these and open it.
  4. In .minecraft you will find another folder, saves. Move your world file into this folder and you’re all done.

For MacOS Users

  1. Access your particular user’s folder through Finder.
  2. Now you’re just clicking through folders. Go to Library, then Application Support, then .minecraft, then saves.
  3. Just put your world file in the saves folder and you’re all done.

For Linux Users

  1. Using a file manager of your choice, access the following path: ~/.minecraft/
  2. Find the saves folder here and move your world file into it.

All needed downloads can be find in the download section below. If you are still having problems getting the file to work, you can always leave a comment in the comment section below. We make sure this tutorial is always up-to-date with the latest version of the file and of the game.

Download Gahlifrex’s Void Map
Gahlifrex’s Void Map
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