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What is Bright Shadows Resource Pack 1.12.2?

Attention has been brought to Minecraft’s newest addition to its resource packs, the Bright Shadows resource pack 1.12.2.

Bright Shadows resource pack is the game’s latest addition to its list of resource packs. Most of them work toward providing Minecraft players a realistic environment when playing the game. Bright Shadows has turned the game into a more spectacular work of art when played with its realistic illustrations and art styles. Aside from that, this resource pack carries a pleasant environment theme like the one being shown below.

Looking at a pleasant environment while playing makes the game more immersive and removes negative feelings like anxiety and sadness. With a pleasing environment, the negativity felt, if there’s any, prior to playing the game can be reversed, drawing more focus and interest to the game. This gives the game a more realistic appeal although there may be some comments regarding its color and contrasts.

Using this resource pack will not alter the sounds and animations of the game. The environment theme creates a balance between the game and the mood of the player.

Bright Shadows Resource PackSpecifications

The environment theme has drawn the interest of many Minecraft players despite its being new and somehow lack of more features. It is less feature filled compared to the previous resource packs. But its realistic appeal does not depart that much from other resource packs since only the environment block textures were altered.

Bright Shadows resource pack carries a resolution of 128 × 128 which means you have to use it in an above-average computer so as not to encounter any frame rate issues. Not all of the pack is custom textured, but it still looks appealing. Bright Shadows pictures are crisp and clean and have slight deviation from the usual Minecraft dark vanilla palette as it attempts to express realism, which is actually the focus of this new resource pack.

Since it is only 35% complete, Bright Shadows resource pack has undergone several modifications in terms of the resource pack’s features, colors, and textures. Examples are making the grass even brighter, reducing the sand’s brightness, the way gravel looks, and fixing some other features.

Bright Shadows Resource Pack Issues

The pack is new, and no issues have been encountered or complained by those who have tried it. It is well designed and has an incredible amount of detail that looks fantastic. Bright Shadows has altered only the environment-focused block textures of the game. It has not made changes that would affect user interface, animations, and sounds, so definitely the game will be enjoyed the same way it always is.

Hardware Requirements

To avoid frame rate issues, it is recommended that you run Bright Shadows in an above-average computer, bearing in mind its ×128 resolution.  While the pack is still in its early stages of completion, more updates on new features will somehow raise the requirements.

Despite its minor alterations, Bright Shadows resource pack is still adjudged as one of the best realistic themes. Bright Shadows was given good reviews when it comes to originality, animation, and its block textures.

Bright Shadows Resource Pack Future Updates

More future updates are expected for this resource pack as it is only less than 50% complete.


You must have tried the other latest resource packs for Minecraft, but this one is highly recommended. You can expect more from it as its development is still in progress. This means allowing more tweaks prior to its final form. The focus of the shadows in this resource pack lies in its environment theme and gives it a realistic look, among others.

Bright Shadows resource pack proves its capability to either complement or supplant previous resource packs for Minecraft.

How to Install this Resource Pack?

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD Mod.
  2. In Minecraft, go to options, and click the "Resource Packs" button. Then click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  3. Place Bright Shadows Resource Pack into this resourcepacks folder.

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